Our association is proposing some amendments to our declaration.

One amendment in particular, the proposal to allow Scout, our beloved bed bug sniffing dog to reside in our building, violates Chicago zoning ordinance laws.

I'm very disappointed with our legal council, Mr. Bendoff in particular. This should have been apparent to him at the outset. These amendments were prepared by his firm, under his direction. I'm willing to give Mr. Bendoff the benefit of the doubt and assume he was grossly misled by our board of directors, but this does not exonerate him, nor KSN Law. Among their responsibilities is the obligation to ensure that the documents that govern the administration of our association comply with the relevant law. This is elementary, extending no further than a basic 101 level understanding of legal jurisdiction. F. Lee Bailey need not apply.

I spoke with a representative at the Chicago Business Affairs and Consumer Protection office. This is the agency responsible for licensing home based businesses. You can reach them at 312-744-6060. I spoke with one of their staff and was told that home based businesses are essentially limited to the use of a desk. You can call them and determine the facts for yourself.

For years our board has run this association as they see fit, principally for their own benefit, and utilized our legal council to advance their self serving agenda. I believe this is one of the main reasons our assessment are so high relative to other comparable condominiums.

We could run this association far better if KSN Law lived up to it's responsibilities and performed due diligence, instead of acting as a threatening, rubber stamp enforcer for our board of directors.