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I'm outside my comfort zone so often these days that when I'm in my comfort zone, I feel uncomfortable.


Masochists have more fun.

Underneath my gruff, crusty exterior theres an even gruffier, crustier interior.

I started taking Viagra a few months ago. It's been a tremendous boon to my doggle.

What I lack in skill, I make up for with lethargy.


To anti-vaxxers I say, go get your own planet, because you're not entitled to live on this one. And if you're lucky enough to find one that's flat, more power to you.

I've been a bottom feeder most of my life. I'm not ashamed of it. Never forget, scum always rises to the top.

Joe's Embryos and Torsos Warehouse.

Your one stop source for all your body part* needs, both generic and built to spec. Check our extensive catalog for pricing and options. (* Sorry, we no longer carry low margin limbs and appendages. We suggest you visit Alibaba for that. Chinese prisons have plenty of stock on hand for those customers.)