Somewhere in Africa

Public sanitation is a critical part of the infrastructure in the developed world. Something that we here in the United States (outside of Flint, Michigan) take for granted.

We welcome immigrants from all nations that have invested the billions of dollars required to build an effective sewage treatment infrastructure and dispose of their collective effluvium in an environmentally friendly way. Immigrants seeking entry to our fair shores from anywhere else are SOL*, sorry.

* Puerto Rico is still iffy at this point. Haiti, El Salvador and certain African countries are most definitely excluded. Norwegians are ok. Of the remaining 190 or so countries, they will be listed as naughty or nice in a timely fashion, just as soon as our commander in chief finds the time to break away from his pressing golf course engagements and admiring himself in the media.

Rest assured that our stable genius, respected worldwide as, like, a really smart guy, has the situation well under control.